An Autonomous Institution affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University (AISHE ID: C-36540) | A few seats are available for M.A. Tamil, M.A. English and M.Sc. Botany in aided stream. Applications can be obtained for the above programmes from the college office.


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Name of the Block Modes of utility

A - Block (Ground Floor)

Madura College Board Room
Madura College Board Office
Principal Room
Principal Office
Botany Department Library
Zoology Staff Room
Botany Staff Room
Store Room
UG & PG Botany lab
Zoology major and Ancillary lab
A - Block UPSTAIRS S.F. Director Room & Office
Dept of Tamil - Staff Room
HOD/Tamil Room
HOD/Economics Room
Dept of Economics – Staff Room
Dept of English Staff Room
Economics Research Scholars Room
IQAC/NAAC office
Dept of Statistics - Staff Room
Class Rooms AF1 to AF8
B - Block (Ground Floor) Mathematics Staff Room
Mathematics HOD Room
Mathematics Computer Lab
Mathematics Research Room
FIST funded Instrumentation Centre
Dept of Chemistry - Staff Room
Chemistry UG Lab
Chemistry Research Room
Chemistry PG Lab
Class Rooms BG1 to BG3
B - Block UPSTAIRS Physics PG First year lab 3
Physics Project room
Dark room
PG thin film room
PG FIST computer lab
M.Phil Physics research room
Common class rooms – 5
Physics Staff Room
Placement Officer Room
Alumni Office
C Block/ Sethupathy Science Block (Ground Floor) Chemistry store room
Chemistry research lab
First year Major and Ancillary chemistry lab
Chemistry store room II
Chemistry major lab
Senior ancillary lab
Chemistry HOD room
Common class rooms 2
C Block/ Sethupathy Science Block (First Floor) Physics UG Major Lab
Physics HOD Room
Physics Research room
Physics Departmental library
Physics Ancillary lab
MG room
Store room
Common class rooms 4
K Block Ground Floor Staff Room MATHS SF
Staff Room CS SF
Class Rooms (KG1 to KG8)
Dept of Economics - Staff Room
Department of Hindi - Staff Room & Class Room
K-Block First Floor External Valuation Centre
Controller Office
COE Computer Section
COE office Room
Internal Valuation Centre - 1
Internal Valuation Centre - 2
COE Staff Room
COE Examination Paper Store Room
Department of Computer Science - Staff Room
R Block/ Ramanujam integrated computer centre Ground floor Class Rooms (RG1 to RG4)
R Block/ Ramanujam integrated computer centre First floor Computer Lab - 2
R Block/ Ramanujam integrated computer centre Second floor Class Rooms (RS1 to RS4)
E- Block – (Ground Floor) Computer Science HOD & Staff Room Class Room EG1
E-Block – (First Floor) Computer Lab - 2
TVS - BLOCK (Ground Floor) Economics SF Staff Room
English SF Staff
Class Rooms (TG1 – TG4)
TVS – BLOCK (First Floor) Tamil SF Staff Room
Class Rooms – TF1- TF5
DJ – BLOCK (Ground Floor) Micro Biology Lab
Biotech Lab
Physics (SF) Staff Room
Physics Lab (SF)
Chemistry Lab(SF)
Chemistry (SF) Staff Room
DJ – BLOCK (First Floor) Bio-technology Staff Room
Microbiology Staff Room
Class Rooms - 6
PJH – BLOCK (Ground Floor) Seminar Hall
Sanskrit & Hindi Staff room & Class Room
Staff statistics Room
PJH – BLOCK (First Floor) Class Rooms – 3(HF1 to HF3) Office Record Room (Aided)
Health Centre (Ground Floor) Ladies Launch
Health Centre (First Floor) Class Rooms - 3
Staff Room
Commerce – Block (Ground Floor) Staff Rooms - 2
Class Rooms - 7
D - Block (First Floor) (Middle) Staff Rooms - 2
D - Block (First Floor) Computer Section Room
Class Rooms - 6
Saroja Krishnamoorthy – Block (Ground Floor) Class Room (E-Chamber)
Class Rooms -3
Saroja Krishnamoorthy – Block (Ground Floor) Class Rooms -3
Staff Room - 1