An Autonomous Institution affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University (AISHE ID: C-36540)

Statutory Bodies

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College Committee

  • Subject to the provisions of this Act and the rules made there under, the college committee shall have the following functions, namely-
    • To carry on the general administration of the private college excluding the properties and funds of the private college;
    • To appoint teachers and other persons of the private college, fix their pay and allowances and define their duties and the conditions of their service; and
    • To take disciplinary action against teachers and other persons of the private college.
  • The educational agency shall be bound by anything done by the college committee in the discharge of the functions of that committee under this Act.
  • For the purposes of this Act, any decision or action taken by the college committee in respect of any matter over which the college committee has jurisdiction shall be deemed to be the decision or action taken by the educational agency.
Sri. N. S. Krishnan, President, MCB Sri. S. Seetharaman, Vice President, MCB
Sri. S. Natanagopal, Secretary, MCB Sri. S. Parthasarathy, Joint Secretary, MCB
Sri. N. Anand Srinivasan, Treasurer, MCB Sri. G. Manivannan, Director, MCB
Sri. S. Ramesh, Director, MCB Sri. S. Sankaran, Director, MCB
Sri. R. Sridharan, Director, MCB Sri. S. Sridharan, Director, MCB
Sri. R. Srinivasan, Director, MCB Sri. S. Suresh Director, MCB
Dr. L. P. Ramalingam, MKU Nominee Dr. J. Suresh, Principal
Er. J. Rajendran, Senior most faculty Prof. S. Murali, Senior most faculty
Mr. M. Venkataraman, Office Superintendent

Awards Committee

  • Ensure the sanctity of the examination conducted.
  • Pass the results of the examination.
  • Award grace marks or apply moderation plan
  • Suggest measure to improve results / Components of evaluation.
Dr. J. Suresh, Principal (Ex-Officio) Dr. V. Sriman Narayanan, Controller of Examinations
Dr. S. Karuppusamy, Deputy Controller of Examinations Dr. S. Chelliah, University Nominee
Dr. M. Lellis Thivagar, University Nominee Er. J. Rajendran, Member
Prof. S. Murali, Member Prof. S. Chellapandian, Member
Dr. S. Theenathayalan, Member Dr. A. Xavier, Member