An Autonomous Institution affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University (AISHE ID: C-36540) | A few seats are available for M.A. Tamil, M.A. English and M.Sc. Botany in aided stream. Applications can be obtained for the above programmes from the college office.

Coat Of Arms

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The Motto


The Logo

  • The Lion stands for power and it is a vehicle on which Goddess Shakti rode when she slew Mahishasura, the embodiment of Tamas.
  • The elephant head stands for Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom and success.
  • The Lotuses on either side, One red and the other white, symbolizes the rise of human spirit from the muddy bottom of our lower nature to achieve renunciation and purity respectively.
  • The Pranava is the coping stone of the entire arch of human progress.

The Colours

  • White Symbolizing Purity.
  • Blue Symbolizing Love.
  • Yellow symbolizing Sacrifice.