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Department Of Zoology



The Department, being a centre of excellence in teaching and research in zoology, envisions fostering critical thinking and learning process, science education, highest values of life infuse ethical values, holistic development of student for their welfare and society at the central point and stride towards sustainable future.


  • To impart holistic and advanced knowledge on Zoology to enrich the students meeting the global competence through academic excellence.
  • To provide specialized skills to the students to excel in their careers and also to serve society.
  • To infuse ethics, values, and responsibility to the students for the conservation of fauna, there by creating sustainable environment.
  • To develop an attitude among the students towards applications for the welfare of the mankind, thereby promoting Eco protection.
  • To inculcate awareness on the issues on local environmental problems, job demand through field visits and discussions, online courses and web resources.

History/ Timeline

  • The Department of Zoology was carved out of the then existing “Natural Science Department” in the year 1966 when B.Sc., Zoology Major Course was started.
  • In the year 1991 affiliation for M.Sc., Zoology was secured under the self-financing stream of the Madura College (Evening) from MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY and temporarily stalled since 2015 and likely to start.
  • The crowning glory came in 1994 when the Department was recognized as a Centre for Research in Zoology by the MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY.

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The department has a well-equipped laboratory with equipments like: GelDoc, Research (Stereo – Binocular) Microscope, Photomicrography, Collection kits, BOD incubator; Refrigerator, Spectrophotometer, Colorimeters, pH meters, Balances (including Monopan), Centrifuges (including high speed), Assemblies for chromatography and Electrophoresis.


The departmental library has a total of 1862 books (1662 purchased under autonomous, UGC/special fee grant and 200 under self finance grant)

AV Aids

Facilities for AV Aids include slide projectors, OHP’s Public address system, Paxiscope, Models, Preserved specimens, Charts, smart class rooms etc.,

PSO For B.Sc. Zoology

Faculty (Aided Stream)

Name Designation Date of Join Area of Specialization Profile
Dr.S.Dinakaran Associate Professor & Head 19.05.2000 Biodiversity, Molecular systematic of Aquatic insects Profile Google Scholar Link
Dr.L.D.Devasree Assistant Professor 20.02.2008 Fish Immunology Profile
Dr.R.Eswaran Assistant Professor 20.02.2008 Entomology, Ecology Profile
Dr.B.Latha Assistant Professor Profile
Dr.C.Selva Kumar   Assistant Professor 02.03.2018 Aquatic Entomology ProfileVidwan ProfileGoogle Scholar Link
Name Designation Area of Specialization Profile
Prof.P.Sumathi Assistant Professor

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UG Syllabus

2017-20 Batch

2020 OBE

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1. National Seminar on “Biodiversity At its Cross Roads” 24.01.2018 UG Students of the Department of Zoology
2. Extension Activity Programme - Zoology 27.10.2018 UG Students of the Department of Zoology
3. State Level seminar cum Panel Discussion on “Human - Animal Coexistence” 23.01.2019 UG Students of the Department of Zoology and Researchers of Tamil Nadu
4. Symbionts 20.03.2019 Department Students
5. Guest Lecture Programme 10.09.2019 UG Students of the Department of Zoology
6. Guest Lecture Programme – “Enemies of China & Insect Vampires” 25.01.2020 UG Students of the Department of Zoology
7. State Level Seminar on Conservation –Task Ahead 2020 (CAT 2020) 31.01.2020 UG Students of the Department of Zoology & Research Scholars
S.No Name of the student with Reg. No Company / Organization where placed Designation Date of Appointment
Alien Global Services Business Development Executive 11-06-2018
Alien Global Services Business Development Executive 11-06-2018

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