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Department Of Botany



Producing Botany students as ambassadors of sustainable development in all spheres of human activity and leaving the earth to the successive generation as intact as possible.


  • To sensitize the Botany students to the classification, structure, physiology, ecology, genetics and economic importance of plants.
  • To inculcate the students with an environment that fosters the development of appropriate scientific vocabulary, reasoning skills and effective oral and written communication ability for students.
  • To create holistic understanding of the allied subjects through interdisciplinary learning.


  • A holistic development and academic excellence to contribute effectively to the understanding of the botanical science.
  • To produce quality and knowledgeable botany graduates capable of creating new developments for the society and preparing botanists of highest caliber for global standards of quality and commitment to service to the community.
  • To develop a strong foundation in fundamental science for understanding and inspiring students to undertake research programme addressing local, national and global needs.
  • To impart quality education in the field of Botany enabling our students to confidently face the job market.
  • To equip the botany graduates for modern features of botany in daily life to become entrepreneurs.
  • To sensitize the students towards the need for keeping the environment clean and conserve our natural resources.

History / Timeline

Year Milestone
1953 B.Sc
2003 Ph.D

Highlights of the curriculum

  • To update course contents by introducing recent developments in plant sciences.
  • To prepare the curriculum as such that it can attract, enthuse, sustain and promote the interest of learners for selecting Botany and allied disciplines as their career and make them realize that their choice is intellectually rewarding.
  • To ensure that the curricula are not overloaded .Minimizing the descriptive aspects and eliminating repetition of contents between under graduate and post graduate syllabi is the major objective.
  • To make provision for improvement in the quality of laboratory and field work in the lack of which the students are not able to appreciate the beauty and variety of form, structure, function and ecological significance of plants and their biological services.
  • To increase the awareness of young learners about the abuse to which plants have been subjected by human greed, and to expertise in exploration, identification and evaluation of plants, conservation of nature and natural resources and in the protection of endangered plant species and other biota dependent on them.
  • To provide for the mobility of students among institutions and different disciplines so as to acquaint with the latest trends and techniques adopted in the field of applied botany.
  • Each course shall be assigned credits depending on the quantum of work required to be done in each semester. The formula for assigning credits to a course is based on the number of contact hours per week.

Skills Imparted

  • Integrate learning skills and knowledge derived from the study of the plant science and other related disciplines, acquiring the necessary depth and breadth required for a transdisciplinary perspective.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using disciplinary-appropriate methods for research, critical analysis or creative thinking and provide scientific solutions to the problems of the society.
  • Communicate conclusions, interpretations and implications clearly, concisely and effectively, both orally and writing for different types of audience.
  • Articulate and apply values, principles, ethics and ideals derived from an integrated understanding of their areas of study and demonstrate awareness of current social and environmental challenges and ways of mitigating them.
  • Use modern tools, resources and software and be abreast with the emerging trends in their disciplinary area and practice life-long learning.

Carrier opportunities

Since the plant life nowadays is faced with more environmental issues the scope and importance of Botanists have improved considerably. On completion of B.Sc. and M.Sc. Botany course, a candidate can opt for a career in teaching or biological technicians and they can also opt for research work in Universities and other institutions.

Job avenues for Botany Graduates

  • Plant Pathologists
  • Farming Consultant
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Plant Biochemist
  • Taxonomist
  • Nursery Manager
  • Forester/ Park Ranger
  • Conservationist
  • Ecologist
  • Plant Explorers


The department is having well-developed, organized basic infrastructure.


The department has full-fledged laboratories of Plant Physiology, Taxonomy, Horticulture, Environmental Biology, Plant Tissue Culture – Biotechnology and Bioinformatic computer centre. The Department is equipped with UV Spectrophotometer, colorimeter, pH meter, Clinical Centrifuge, Ultracentrifuge, PCR, UV Transilluminator, Tissue Culture Lab, Laminar air chambers, Growth chamber and other necessary laboratory equipment, etc. Our department has separate laboratories for UG and PG with all necessary equipments.


The students of department have access to a well-stocked library, which comprises of extensive collection of plant sciences, Bioinformatics and Ecology related books and periodicals, over and above the Harvey library of the College. The collection of books is updated periodically as and when required.

Bioinformatic Lab

The DST-FIST sponsored laboratory at department functions in a fully networked environment providing computer facility for Botany students. There are more than 21 computers in the lab common for the departments of Botany, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Research Labs

Our department has separate research laboratories for Plant Taxonomy equipped with herbarium and Tissue Culture lab with autoclave and other necessary equipments.

Salient Features

  • Syllabus is created up-to-date level and job skill oriented contents were introduced.
  • The department has well qualified and experienced faculty members. It has an excellent academic record in preparing students for career and higher studies.
  • The department is funded by DST-FIST and equipped with PCR, Growth chamber and computerized Bioinformatic Lab.
  • Well-equipped laboratories and library facilities are present
  • Alumni of the department are eminent researchers at National and International Institutions, reputed pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • The department is providing carrier guidance programmes and CSIR/NET/SET coaching classes.
  • Botany department has produced 8 Ph.Ds and more than 250 research publications in reputed journals.
  • Faculty members have been recognized and awarded Fellowships of national honors.
  • Department have completed several research projects funded by UGC, New Delhi; DBT, New Delhi; DST-SERB, New Delhi, NIF, Ahmadabad; Tamil Nadu Forest Department and other funding agencies.
PSO For B.Sc. Botany

Faculty (Aided Stream)

Name Designation Date of Join Area of Specialization Profile
Prof.S.Chella Pandian Associate Professor & Head 18.01.1993 Plant Pathology Profile
Dr.S.Karuppusamy Assistant Professor 20.02.2008 ngiosperm Taxonomy, Phytochemistry, Tissue Culture Biotechnology, Biodivesity & Conservation. ProfileVidwan ProfileGoogle Scholar Link
Dr.S.Gnaana Saraswathi Assistant Professor 16.06.2016 PLANT ECO-PHYSIOLOGY ProfileVidwan ProfileGoogle Scholar Link
Prof.V.Meenakshi Sundaram Assistant Professor 16.06.2016 Biodiversity and Microbiology ProfileGoogle Scholar Link
Dr.N.Janakiraman Assistant Professor 17.06.2019 Phytochemistry, Plant Tissue Culture ProfileVidwan ProfileGoogle Scholar Link
Dr.P.Jansirani Assistant Professor 19.06.2019 Biodiversity Conservation & Ethno-botanical study ProfileGoogle Scholar Link
Dr.M.Karpagajothi Assistant Professor of Botany 19.06.2019 Biofertilizer Profile
Name Designation Date of Join Area of Specialization Profile
Prof.R.Saranya Assistant Professor 11.08.2011 Plant physiology, Microbiology. Profile

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UG Syllabus

2017-2020 Batch

2020 OBE

PG Syllabus

2017-2020 Branch

OBE 2021

1. National Seminar on “New Horizons in Botany” 25.02.2018 UG & PG Students of the Department of Botany & Research Scholars
2. Phyllum Club 03.03.2018 Department Students
3. Extension programme Plant Diversity to the school students at Corporation High School, Sundararajapuram 27.03.2018 Corporation High School, Sundararajapuram students
4.  State Level Seminar on “The why and how of Biodiversity conservation” 11.01.2019 PG Students of the Department of Botany & Research Scholars
5. Extension programme for school students at Thiagarajar model school, Andalpuram 14.02.2019 Thiagarajar model school, Andalpuram students
6. Phyllum Club 16.03.2019 Department Students
7. Guest Lecture Programme on “Plants the grand teacher for all eternity” 19.09.2019 UG & PG Students of the Department of Botany
8. Seminar - Emerging Trends in Biotechnology 22.01.2020 UG & PG Students of the Department of Botany & Research Scholars
S.No Name of the student with Reg. No Company / Organization where placed Designation Date of Appointment
Alien Global Services Business Development Executive 11-06-2018
Alien Global Services Business Development Executive 11-06-2018
Alien Global Services Business Development Executive 11-06-2018
Alien Global Services Business Development Executive 11-06-2018
Alien Global Services Business Development Executive 11-06-2018
Alien Global Services Business Development Executive 11-06-2018

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