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Department Of Hindi

Objectives / Vision / Mission

The main objective of the department is to impart Hindi for non-Hindi students. The department vision is to get affiliation for B.A. Hindi and start a PG diploma course in Hindi Translation.

History / Timeline

Year of Establishment 1950
First teachers of Hindi Mr. Kailasanathan and Mr. P. Sheshadri
Course Affiliation B.A., B.Sc., Part 1 language

Highlights of the curriculum

  • To teach Hindi for all students who do not have knowledge of Hindi
  • The curriculum is designed in such a manner and the students will have a fair knowledge about translation, dialogue writes. Basic grammar and would be able to write, read and speak in Hindi.
  • When the student completes the course the fear about the language would go off and be would use the language in day to day life.

Skills Imparted

  • The students would form a sentence of his own and would be able to write an essay of his own.
  • The students would answer the questions poses to him in Hindi
  • The Student would write an essay or stories on his own imagination.
  • The student would prepare to join in M.A. Hindi after completing the degree course and would take Hindi us his career.

Carrier opportunities

The students can opt for a Hindi job as Hindi Translator or as Hindi assistant in central Govt. jobs.

Salient features

  • The dept encourages the students to COPE UP with the present techniques used in Hindi.
  • The dept is keen on increasing the strength of the students.
  • Students are encourages to conduct seminars and assignments in the class which would be useful in their students.
  • Students are advised to speak in Hindi during class hours.

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Faculty (Aided Stream)

Name Designation Date of Join Area of Specialization Profile
Prof.S.Murali Associate Professor & Head 18.12.1992 Prose, Drama Profile

Faculty (SF Stream)

Name Designation Date of Join Area of Specialization Profile
Prof.M.Maheswari Assistant Professor 01.08.2019 Hindi Profile

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Hindi syllybus for all UG programme

2017-20 Batch

2020 OBE


S. No Title of the Activity Date(s) Beneficiaries
1 Hindi in non-speaking areas 13-03-2019 All UG Students
2 Guest lecture by Dr. Rohini Pandian
Sourashtra College, Madurai
08-04-2018 All UG Students

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