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Department Of English



To provide a strong academic foundation in British literature, Indian writing in English, American Literature, Canadian, Australian, African and Continental Literature and English Language Teaching and Linguistics in order to make students comprehend the written and spoken forms of English.


  • To develop and devise an innovative curriculum that promotes critical and logical thinking for students and Scholars.
  • To decolonize the English studies, introduce Indic thought and expose the students to the spiritual masterpieces of India.
  • To introduce new courses - Journalism, Translation Studies, and Indian Literature in English Translation.
  • To expose on the development and importance of the English Language

History / Timeline

The Department is in its 74thyear of functioning. It is a fully fledged Department, currently offers B.A., M.A., English.

Programme Year of establishment
B.A. 1946 - 47 (Aided)
M.A. 1988 – 89 (Aided) Upgraded into PG Centre
B.A. 2012 – 13 (Self Finance)
M.Phil 1993 – 94(Aided)

Highlights of the curriculum

  • The Department offers a total of 21 papers, with five papers in each semester including Non-major elective in the 3rd semester.
  • The curriculum of English Literature emphasizes the central role of English as a world Language and its importance in terms of language skills.
  • Students gain Knowledge of varying cultures in the English-speaking cultures in the English-speaking world.
  • Curriculum aims on the ability to read understand and reflect on texts and experience new perspectives.
  • Students benefit from Indian Literature in the sense that by becoming emotionally involved, they are motivated and in this in turn contribute to their personal development.
  • By exposing to literature they are molded into moral and good citizens.
  • Students practice the ability to read and react to a text and to take part in discussions.
  • The Department offers several courses to enable the students to prepare NET/SET and various competitive examinations.

Skills Imparted

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Imparting
  • Analyzing
  • Interpreting
  • Promoting
  • Modeling
  • Developing and
  • Creating

Carrier Opportunities

  • Digital copywriter
  • Editorial assistant
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Lexicographer
  • Magazine journalist
  • Newspaper journalist
  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Talent agent
  • Web content manager
  • Writer
  • Information & Research
  • Human resources,
  • Retail management and sales.

Salient Features

  • Conducted several UGC sponsored National level seminars and conferences -exposed students - the latest trend in the subject.
  • Eminent guest lecturers were invited to give lectures on different aspects of society, culture, literature and history.
  • Department Workshops are organized to open up new approaches to the subject and to expose students to areas of research interest beyond the framework of the syllabus.
  • Every year K R Narayan Memorial Lecture will be organized in grand manure in memory of former HOD & Professor (English) by his students(aluminise) .
  • School Visit (Extension Activity)
  • Remedial classes for the students who have failed in various subjects
  • PTA Meeting with a purpose to distribute the mark statement to the Parents and to get suggestion from them.
  • Planning Forum – under the aegis of the department.
  • Departmental Library – include number of books - donated by the Retired Staff besides the General Library.
  • Students are encouraged to present papers in seminar and to participate in all types cultural competitions.
  • The department endeavors to bring about the over- all development of the students
PSO For B.A. English

Faculty (Aided Stream)

Name Designation Date of Join Area of Specialization Profile


Associate Professor & Head 20/06/2001 Indian Writing in English Profile

Dr.Sheela P.Karthick

Associate Professor 20.6.2001 Comparative Literature, Canadian Literature, Feminist Criticism, Research Methodology, Eco-feminism ProfileVidwan ProfileGoogle Scholar Link


Assistant Professor 20.02.2008 African Literature, Comparative Literature, English Language Teaching, Linguistics, Literary Criticism Profile
Dr.A.Chandra Bose Assistant Professor 22-02-2008 English Language Teaching ProfileVidwan ProfileGoogle Scholar Link
Dr.S.Sudha Assistant Professor 25-02-2008 Indian Writing in English / Diasporic Literature Profile
Prof.C.UdhayaBanu Assistant Professor Profile
Dr.D.Bhuvaneswari Assistant Professor 16/06/2016 Indian Writing in English ProfileVidwan ProfileGoogle Scholar Link
Dr.A.Vignesh Kumar Assistant Professor 16.06.2016 Indian Writing in English(Science Fiction) Profile

Dr. S. Venkatesh

Assistant Professor 03.12.2007 ELT Profile

Faculty (SF Stream)

Name Designation Date of Join Area of Specialization Profile

Prof.S Selvaulaganathan

Assistant professor 15/06/2018 Indo Anglian Literature (poetry) Profile
Dr.R.Saradha Assistant Professor 10.6.2010 Post Colonial Literature ,Feminist Literature, Comparitive Literature Profile
Prof.V.Vidhya Lakshmi Assistant Professor 20.07.2015 Social History of England,Shakespeare,Indian Writing in English Profile

I.Arokia Sahaya Metilda

Assistant professor 28-06-2017 Indian Writing in English Profile
Prof.Rajamohan.R Assistant Professor 12-12-2018 translation of select Indian Short stories Profile
Prof.R.Kalyani Assistant Professor 01. 07. 2015 Poetrey. Literary Criticism Profile


Assistant professor 04.07.2019 Gender Studies, African Literature, American Literature Profile

Dr.L.P.Sangeetha Priya

Assistant Professor 01.08.2019 Journalism, English Language Teaching, Canadian Literature Profile
Prof.P.Hemamalini Assistant Professor 02.01.2020 Poetry,Dramas,Lit.Criticism Profile

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Part II - English syllabus

2020 OBE

PG Syllabus

2017-2020 Batch

2020 OBE

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1. Prof. K. R. Narayanan Memorial Lecture on “Vedanta and the Dharma” 15.09.2017 Alumnus and Department Students
2. Guest Lecture on Literary Criticism 9.01.2018 UG & PG Students of the Department of English
3. National Seminar on “Language and Linguistics” 21.02.2018 UG & PG Students of the Department of English & Research Scholars
4. Two day workshop on UGC- NET & SET 19.03.2018 to 20.03.2018 PG Students of the Department of English
5. Prof. K. R. Narayanan memorial Lecture – Text as Philosophy: Challenge in Reading Literary Texts Today 1.10.2018 Alumnus and Department Students
6. Extension Activity Programme for school students at Govt. High School, Kunnathur 24.10.2018 Govt. High School, Kunnathur stduents
7. Two Day National Seminar on Literature and Society 24.01.2019 to 25.01.2019 UG & PG Students of the Department of English & Research Scholars
8. The Delphi English Club 26.02.2019 Department Students
9. Prof. K. R. Narayanan memorial Lecture – Challenges in higher education in the humanities stream 08.07.2019 Alumnus and Department Students
10. National seminar on Paradigm Shift in the teaching and learning of language and Literature: Global perspectives 03.01.2020 UG & PG Students of the Department of English & Research Scholars
11. Delphi Club Activity 24.01.2020 Department Students

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